konarak borodat

the company was established in 1999 in a land area of 7106 square meter with 2331 square meter building of processing , packing , freezing , buying and sales of marine aquatic species with daily capacity around 12900 kilogram processing and packing of any fish species and marine and cultured shrimps.
the company has tried to have an effective presence in the iranian market and is currently one of the largest suppliers of tuna that have service to producers and canning plants.
in recent years , in addition to processing and freezing tuna fish , the company has been involved in the processing and packing of exporting aquatic products like ribbon fish, catfish, cattle fish, squid, crab, shrimp, lobster, etc., take effective steps and export to other countries.
Scientific and technical development of fish processing and packing based on international standards to support new catching methods and exporting products to other parts of the world is another goal of the company and tries to equip itself with world-class technology , we produce diverse products based on customer requirements and make our presence in the global markets stabilize and expand.

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The best producer and supplier of marine and farmed aquatic products and services in the country